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3 Ways A Zoning System Saves Money

When you want to lower the costs of heating and cooling your Salem, OR, home, a zoned HVAC system is a wise choice. These systems include one outdoor unit, much like a central heat pump or air conditioner, as well as one indoor unit in each zone of your home. Here are three ways installing one of these systems could lower your utility costs each month.

1. Heat or Cool the Areas You Occupy

A zoned heating and cooling system makes it possible to just heat or cool the area you’re occupying. It costs less to heat or cool a smaller area. If there are areas of your home you rarely use, such as a guest bedroom or finished lower level, you’ll save money year-round by not needing to heat or cool those spaces.

2. Lower Installation Cost

Zoned heating and cooling systems cost less to install. Since you won’t be heating or cooling your entire house at the same time, you can select a system with a lower capacity. Systems with a lower capacity are also easier to install, which lowers the labor costs. For convenience, you can have the main control panel installed in a central part of your home and individual thermostats installed in each zone.

3. Less Wasted Energy

In households of more than one person, chances are good that one person likes it cooler, and another person likes it warmer. If you’re heating or cooling your home to satisfy extreme temperature preferences, you could be wasting a lot of energy and money. With a zoned system, each person’s comfort preferences can be accommodated, and you’ll save money at the same time.

Loren’s Heating is Salem’s trusted installer of zoned heating and cooling systems. Homeowners also turn to us for preventive maintenance agreements, fireplace inserts, and heating and air conditioning repairs, replacements, and installations. We also offer commercial heating and cooling services. For more details about how a zoned heating and cooling system could save you money, give us at Loren’s Heating a call.