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Heating Installation in Salem, OR

Furnace Replacements in Salem & the Surrounding Areas

Loren’s Heating & Air has been the preferred heating installation company in Salem, OR, for over 45 years. We offer residential and commercial replacements, upgrades, and brand-new installations for a wide variety of heating systems. Plus, we’re a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and offer the most durable, high-quality heating equipment available along with our highly rated service. We offer free estimates, financing options, and a commitment to your satisfaction, and our team of installation experts are experienced in delivering the best in furnace, heat pump, and geothermal installation services. 

Our heating installation services include:

If you’re in need of heating installation service, you can count on Loren’s Heating & Air. Call us today at (503) 386-4105 or schedule your free estimate online. Ask about our financing options!

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Save Money & Stress – Upgrade Your System Today!

When you’re facing costly heater repairs or insufficient heating for your home or business, it may be time to consider a replacement or upgrade to your current heating system. New heating technology can offer increased heating performance and energy efficiency, and the knowledgeable installation team at Loren’s Heating & Air is ready to help you find the perfect fit. 

With a wide selection of highly rated Carrier brand furnaces and heat pumps, you’re sure to find a heating system you’ll love. Carrier has been a leader in innovative and highly reliable heating products for decades, and all their heating systems are of the highest quality. Whether it’s a brand-new heat pump, a furnace installation, or an upgrade to your existing heating system, we’re here to make the process simple and easy for you.

Reasons to consider a new heating system:

  • You are experiencing inadequate heating for your home
  • Your current heating system has more than 10 years of use
  • You are facing costly or frequent repairs
  • You want to improve energy efficiency

An upgraded furnace not only offers increased comfort, but it can help save you money as well. More efficient furnaces do not need to work as hard to heat your home or business, meaning they use less energy, which is reflected on your monthly utility bills. You also save when you do not need to make frequent repairs. 

Our team will expertly install your new unit for long-lasting performance. We even offer regular tune up services to ensure you are making the most of your investment as well as any manufacturer warranties. By regularly checking up on your new installation, you can ensure a long lifespan, meaning you will not have to worry about replacing your unit for years into the future. 

Heating Installation Service You Can Count On

Our heater installation services in Salem put our customers at the center of everything we do. Our team is ready to tackle any upgrade, replacement, or brand-new heating installation for your home or business! Once you’ve found the perfect fit to meet your heating needs, we’ll handle the installation process with care, ensuring everything is installed correctly so you’ll enjoy powerful, efficient heating from your new equipment for years to come. 

We offer flexible scheduling, free estimates, and always test your new equipment to ensure everything is working just the way it should. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your new investment, answering all your questions about functionality and how to maximize the energy efficiency that your new heating system will provide.

Loren’s Heating & Air is proud to serve Salem and the surrounding areas with the best in heating and cooling installations. For more information, please contact us today! We also offer heating repair and maintenance services.

Customer Reviews

  • “I am so very pleased with this company! I recommend them to anyone! They are fair, honest and professional!”

    - Susie N.
  • “They provided clear answers to my questions on the purchase beforehand. They also responded quickly when I had questions.”

    - Dawn W.
  • “I have nothing but praise for the quality and timeliness of their service.”

    - James R.

Heating & Cooling FAQ

  • Why should I get a new HVAC system?
    It can often be difficult for home and business owners to tell if it’s time to upgrade their heating and cooling system. Loren's Heating & Air can assist you in this process. We want you to understand the pros and cons of continuing to repair and maintain your current system versus upgrading and making the investment in a new system. Some of the most important things to consider are increased energy efficiency, updated components, rebates and incentives, better home comfort and indoor air quality, and more effective heating and cooling.
  • Why are air conditioner efficiency ratings important?
    In 2006, the Federal Government made it mandatory for all central air conditioning systems to have a minimum SEER of 13. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measure of the cooling system’s performance. On the highest end of performance, cooling units are rated as high 23 SEER. As with anything, the better performance, the higher the cost. For a system with moderate to good efficiency, you should look for a model with a SEER rating of between 14 and 18. The EER, or the Energy Efficiency Rating, provides an indication of the cooling capacity of the system that you’ve had installed. The higher the EER number, the better the system’s cooling capacity.
  • What are the different types of air conditioner refrigerant?
    If you have an air conditioning system that requires the old type of refrigerant, R-22, your system is still usable but only reclaimed or recycled R-22 can be used to service your air conditioner. R410-A is now the required standard for newer systems and has less environmental impact relative to the older refrigerant. Eventually, you will need to replace your air conditioner with one that uses R410-A, or have it modified so that it can use R410-A. The type of refrigerant your AC uses is only one of many reasons to consider upgrading, and if your existing unit is outdated, now might be a good time to look into having it replaced to boost energy efficiency, lessen environmental impact, and make sure you are operating a safe system. Not only will an upgraded cooling system make it easier to have your unit serviced, but it’ll also save you money on your annual cooling costs. Loren's Heating & Air in Salem, OR, offers the highest quality air conditioner replacement services.
  • How is furnace efficiency measured?
    Furnace energy efficiency is calculated with the AFUE, or the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. The AFUE is a rating that compares how much heat a furnace will produce relative to the amount of energy necessary to produce the heat. If a furnace is rated at 85 percent AFUE, it means 15 percent of the energy used is lost and 85 percent actually becomes heat for your home or business.
  • What is indoor air quality and why is it important?
    Indoor air quality, or IAQ, is a measurement of the amount of airborne particles and pollutants inside your home or building. Because properties are being constructed to be more energy efficient, they are also becoming more airtight, meaning that fresh air often does not have a way to enter and circulate. This is one of the reasons why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, leading to a host of allergy and respiratory issues. Fortunately, IAQ products such as air filters, air purifiers, and humidifiers work in conjunction with your central AC and heating unit to decrease the prevalence of dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other potentially harmful particles in your indoor air. Our team can work with you to find the right solution to fit your needs.
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