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How Dirty Ductwork Can Damage Your Home Comfort

Most modern American homes have central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Central HVAC systems are controlled by a thermostat, which tells the external HVAC unit — the muscles behind the operation — when to work. Every central HVAC system’s unsung hero is the ductwork, which carries your home’s air to the HVAC unit and back. Hidden within your home’s walls, ductwork is often neglected. Here’s how dirty ductwork can affect your household’s quality of life.

Asthma and Allergy Problems

Indoor air quality is inherently tied to asthma and allergy symptom management. People dealing with these issues may make holistic lifestyle changes to improve their symptoms, such as quitting smoking, starting medication regimens, limiting time outside, and getting rid of pets. Unfortunately, many asthma and allergy sufferers fail to consider whether their residences’ central heating and cooling systems, let alone the ductwork, specifically, could be exacerbating their symptoms.

Fatigue and Malaise

Malaise, if you didn’t know, can be described as feeling “yucky”; it’s a general sense of discomfort that often doesn’t have a known source. Poor indoor air quality, which can very well be caused by dirty ventilation ducts, can result in fatigue or malaise. These problems, especially if they go unchecked, can result in family issues or problems in the workplace. Although fatigue and malaise likely can’t exclusively be blamed on dirty ductwork, poor indoor air quality is a great starting point to address these potentially serious issues.

Unexpected HVAC System Failure

Disregarding health problems, unkempt ductwork can lead to an HVAC system shutdown. Ductwork, which often isn’t maintained well, can accumulate thick layers of dust or harbor sources of mold that can compromise the function of your HVAC system. Although having your HVAC system’s ducts cleaned out might not be convenient, investing in this measure can prevent unexpected ventilation system failures, saving you a nice chunk of change in the long run.

Dirty ductwork isn’t a good problem to have. Get on top of this issue by calling us at Loren’s Heating. Having served the Greater Salem area for more than four decades with services like indoor air quality audits, HVAC installation and maintenance, 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs, and duct cleaning, you can’t go wrong with us. Reach out to us today and make your dirty ductwork a thing of the past.

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