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Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?


Smart thermostats are here to stay, thanks to their efficiency and the advantages that they offer to homeowners. If your thermostat is more than two decades old or is malfunctioning, it could be time to upgrade it to digital equipment. The following reasons should convince Salem homeowners to upgrade their thermostats.

Solve Common Thermostat Problems

Most old thermostats often experience various complications. Some common problems like accumulation of dirt and grime, bad electrical connections, and poor thermostat placement are common with manual thermostats. Upgrading to a digital thermostat is a good idea so that you can avoid these problems that affect your HVAC unit’s efficiency and performance.

Noticeable Energy Savings

Programmable thermostats are designed to function in conjunction with your home’s needs. Digital thermostats allow you to cut back on your home’s HVAC usage when no one is at home and depending on which kind of thermostat you get, you can even control which rooms are heated and cooled. Homeowners who upgrade to a digital thermostat can see substantial savings on their energy bills.

Countless Options for You

Programmable thermostats are designed to suit the unique needs of different homes. Some people like to control the humidity and temperature levels in their homes. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a smart thermostat to enjoy different features, such as intelligent system management, filter replacement reminders, system diagnostics, and personalized faceplates.

Remotely Change Your Temperatures

It’s not economical to leave your HVAC running while you are out of your house. Most people forget to turn their thermostats to an energy-efficient temperature before leaving. The beauty of upgrading to a smart thermostat is that you get to remotely change temperatures in your home because many models are Wi-Fi compatible. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about high energy bills when you leave your home in a hurry. You can set the correct thermostat setting no matter where you are.

It’s best to upgrade your thermostat during the spring or fall when temperatures are milder. Allow our experienced technicians to recommend an appropriate thermostat after assessing your home’s needs. Our customers also rely on us for heating repair, AC tune-ups, heat pump installations, and heating installation and maintenance. Contact Loren’s Heating & Air today for guaranteed great results.

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