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Can You Heat Your Entire Home With a Fireplace Insert?

Gas fireplace

Like many homeowners in Salem, Oregon, you’re probably searching for the most efficient and affordable way to heat your home this winter. With the right whole-house heating solution, you can save cash, lower your carbon footprint, and still enjoy a safe and comfortable living space. If you have a built-in fireplace, using a fireplace insert is an excellent way to keep everyone warm. Read on to find out why.

Fireplace Inserts Have a Closed Design

Fireplace inserts consist of a fireproof steel or cast-iron box, exhaust and intake vents, and a front glass panel. They are installed in an existing masonry chimney’s hearth and radiate heat through the glass without allowing harmful exhaust fumes to enter the living space.

These systems give homeowners the look and ambiance provided by traditional wood-burning fireplaces without the related health and environmental risks. Best of all, there’s virtually no energy waste when using them. The encasement prevents cold air from entering the room through the chimney.

Inserts Enhance the Combustion Capabilities of Standard Wood-Burning Fireplaces

With a fireplace insert, the combustion of wood is 50% to 80% efficient. A standard wood-burning fireplace is 5% to 15% efficient. As such, you’ll be able to get considerably more heat from the same amount of wood that you’d use in a standard setup.

You Can Use Your HVAC System’s Fan Setting to Circulate Warm Air

One of the main concerns people have when attempting to use fireplace inserts for whole-house heating is whether or not the warm air will circulate throughout all areas of the building. If you have a central HVAC system, you can use its fan setting to move heat from your living room to other spaces. In larger homes, this strategy won’t replace the heating power of a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, but it will greatly limit the need to rely on the central heating system. In small buildings, it’s often possible to meet the entire home’s heating needs with a fireplace insert and fan combination alone.

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