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How To Change A Thermostat Battery

When a heating or cooling system stops working, people have a tendency to think there’s something seriously wrong with it. However, it can often be the case that the battery just needs to be changed in your home’s thermostat. Here’s how to go about it.

How Often Should You Change Your Thermostat’s Battery?

You should change the battery once a year. This should be done either just before winter or spring, which is when your home’s heating and cooling system gets the most use. A battery can last anywhere from just three months to five years, so changing it each year is a good compromise. Even if your thermostat is hard-wired, it will likely have a backup battery that needs to be changed annually.

How to Change the Battery

You’ll need a screwdriver set and a new battery. Turn off your thermostat and remove the cover. It will either need to be slid up and out, or it can just be pulled straight off. The back of the thermostat will show you what type of battery you need. It will usually be an AA, AAA, or 3V lithium battery. Make sure you use fresh batteries, as old ones can leak and corrode your thermostat. You’ll likely need a flat screwdriver to pry out either the battery and/or cover.

When putting in the new battery, note which way the plus and negative signs are oriented. Before putting the cover back on, make sure the mounting plate is still firmly attached to the wall. If it isn’t, use your screwdriver to tighten it back down. You can now replace the cover, turn the system back on, and repeat this process in another year.

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