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Learning About Space Heater Safety

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If you are interested in learning more about preventing fires in your home, Fire Prevention Week is a great time to start. For example, space heaters might be a home fire hazard unless there are rules to ensure that they get used correctly. Our team at Loren’s Heating has a few tips for you to consider when you use a space heater.

Keep Your Space Heater Out of the Bathroom

The bathroom is an unsafe area for a space heater because the heater may get wet. All it takes is something to fall onto the heater for a fire to start. Also, you may get electrocuted if the floor floods and you step in the water while the space heater is on.

Inspect Your Space Heater

It is vital to ensure that you have a newer space heater that has a good-quality cord. Also, plug the space heater directly into the wall and avoid using extension cords.

Keep Pets and Children Away From Space Heaters

Even if your space heater is newer and has safety features, children and pets must stay away from them as they are still dangerous. Space heaters are great for bedrooms or adding a little warmth to a room after the children are asleep and pets are in a different area.

Never Leave a Space Heater Unattended

A space heater should always have an adult in the same room while it is on. If you leave the room, it is important to shut it off and unplug it. A space heater is intended for supplemental heating of small areas, not to replace the central heating units in your home.

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