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4 Questions To Ask Your Tech After A Heating Repair


After your heating system has been repaired, it’s always a wise idea to take a few minutes to chat with our technicians. Asking them a few questions will allow you to understand the problem better so you can spot signs of trouble in the future. The following are a few questions to ask after a heating repair.

1. What Steps and Preventive Measures Should I Take?

Ask what your next steps should be. You should also get a list of preventive maintenance tasks you can do yourself at home. After the repair, your unit may need a little more TLC to keep things running smoothly.

2. What Caused the Issue?

Knowing what caused the issue can help you prevent costly future mistakes. Some repairs are caused by human error, like failing to clean the filter in a timely manner. Others are caused by general aging, which is another thing you should be aware of. Our technicians will be able to tell you this information. Plus, they can walk you through where in the system the problem occurred.

3. What Repairs Were Done?

Ask for a list of repairs that were done. This running list serves as an overview of your heating systems history, helping you guide future decisions. Get to know if any parts were under warranty or if any parts broke due to a manufacturer’s defect. This would help with repair costs.

4. When Should I Consider Calling Again?

Before your technician leaves, ask when your unit should next be serviced. Additionally, ask if there are any signs you should watch out for that signify your tech should come back. Jot down the name so you can have the same technician for any follow-up jobs.

Loren’s Heating and Air has been proudly serving Salem and the surrounding areas since 1973. In addition to quality heating repair services on both furnaces and air conditioners, our company offers heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance services. If you’d like to know more, give our office a call today.

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