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Changing Air Filters: Simple But Crucial To Your AC

Air Conditioners come with air filters that require service on a routine basis. How often you need to replace your filters depends on the make and model. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on changing the air filter to maintain good indoor air quality, prevent AC problems and avoid high energy bills.

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

Your AC’s air filter has the important role of preventing pollutants and allergens from circulating throughout your home. When it becomes dirty, the filter can no longer do its job efficiently.

Loren’s Heating and Air has indoor air quality specialists and NATE-certified technicians serving residents in and around Salem, OR. We can help you improve your indoor air quality.

Prevent AC Problems

Because it causes extra wear and tear, a dirty air filter increases the odds that your cooling equipment will break down. It limits how much air can flow throughout the system. Your unit needs adequate airflow to function properly. Service calls for weak airflow problems sometimes just require replacing an old air filter. A dirty air filter can cause other problems with the AC as well, such as overheating its compressors. Overheated compressors can result in warm air circulating throughout your home. This is usually an extensive repair that could have been avoided by staying on top of air filter changes.

Prevent High Energy Bills

Have you had a sudden increase in energy bills? If you haven’t changed the air filter on schedule, that could be the reason. Dirty air filters decrease the efficiency of your cooling system and cause it to work harder than it’s supposed to.

Loren’s Heating & Air is a reputable heating and cooling company in Salem that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer maintenance, installation, and repair of any heating or cooling equipment, and we provide assistance in improving indoor air quality. You can rely on us for 24/7 emergency repairs. We also handle issues with Puron refrigerant and fireplace inserts. Contact us today tor arrange any of these services.

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