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A Guide To Fixing Hot Spots In Your Home

Hot spots in your home can be annoying as they will create an uncomfortable environment. Even if you have a good cooling system, this temperature imbalance could persist. Here are four ways to fix hot spots in your home.

Reduce the Effect of the Sun

You should start by ruling out the possible effect of the sun on your hot spot. If your house is exposed to the sun during any part the day, the temperature in the area being hit can be several degrees higher. An easy fix is to change your curtains or drapes with something that reflects the sun more effectively.

Clear Clogged Ducts

The next possible reason for hot spots that you should eliminate is potentially clogged ducts. Your cooling system depends on the airflow through ducts to maintain the temperature you desire. Check to see that cool air is coming into the room with the hot spot. If not, it may be a case of clogged ducts and you may need to have a technician inspect them.

Install a Zoned Thermostat

Zoned thermostats are devices that can give you control over specific areas or groups of rooms in your home. If you have a hot spot and none of the previous reasons are to blame, you may want to install a system that provides greater cooling to the spot without affecting the rest of the house.

Install a Ductless AC

If you need a solution that doesn’t involve your home’s overall cooling but rather an answer tailored to that particular space, you may want to consider a ductless AC. Ductless air conditioners can be installed to be non-obtrusive and are perfect for areas that are well-known to produce hot spots, such as garages, porches or attics.

Solve Your Home’s Hot Spot Problem

If you have a hot spot in your Salem home, contact Loren’s Heating & Air today. We’ll determine the cause of the hot spot and implement the best solution for your problem. We offer heating and cooling services, fireplace inserts, and more.

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