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Preparing Your Home For Heating Season

The fall and winter seasons generally feature colder weather, which means that your heating demands will likely increase. Let’s look at some tips to help you prepare your house for the cooler part of the year.

Get Your Furnace Inspected

One of the most important steps to take before the cooler weather arrives is to have your furnace inspected. The professionals at Loren’s Heating in Salem can perform that inspection and take action to fix any problems that the furnace may have. If necessary, it may be possible to replace your current furnace or heat pump with a new one that could be more efficient.

Seal Gaps and Leaks

In a typical residence, there are multiple areas through which air can get in and out of a home. Ideally, you will check for air leaks around windows and door frames. There could also be leaks around your furnace, your ducts, and in the attic. A professional may be able to inspect your home to determine what steps can be taken to make it as efficient as possible. Typically, getting rid of air leaks can help keep heating and cooling bills lower throughout the year.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned and Inspected

Creosote is extremely flammable, which means that allowing it to build up in your attic could result in a damaging house fire. Creosote can also build up in kitchens or any other part of the home where wood is burned. Eliminating this material can also prevent it from traveling through your home’s ducts and landing on furniture or other objects. If soot, dust, or smoke gets on floors or furniture, it can cause damage if allowed to linger for too long.

If you are looking to heat your home safely this year, give us a call today! We can inspect your heating and cooling components as well as offer indoor air quality assessments to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable to live in.

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