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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

Every homeowner strives to make sure that the air quality inside their home is always fresh and clean. Keeping your air quality fresh and clean is no walk in the park, though, and there are many different factors that can impact your air quality negatively. If you feel like the air quality in your home is less than desirable, here are a few different methods you can try to improve it:

1. Keep Floors Clean

One of the first ways you should consider trying to improve the air quality inside your home is by making sure your floors are cleaned regularly. One of the main reasons the air quality in your home is lacking might be because your flooring is capturing a lot of dirt and dust, especially if you have carpet flooring installed. The fibers in carpet flooring capture dirt, dust, and allergens, and all of these bacteria are pushed into your air supply as you walk over it.

2. Take Off Shoes

Another thing that you can try to improve the air quality inside of your home is to make sure that nobody walks around with their shoes on while inside. One of the biggest ways that dirt and dust particles make their way inside your home is via the bottoms of your shoes. Walking around outside will cause lots of debris to attach to your shoe, and walking around your home in them will allow this debris to spread throughout your air supply.

3. No Smoking

One more way you can try to improve the air quality inside of your home is to make your home a smoking-free zone. Secondhand cigarette smoke is not good for your air quality and can also lead to many different respiratory issues for you and your family.

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