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Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

If you have ever wondered if annual furnace inspections are necessary, the short answer is yes. A unit that is expected to operate as intended without failure requires proper maintenance. This maintenance ensures that the parts of the machine are able to do their jobs without obstruction. Here are a few reasons why furnace inspections are necessary.


A furnace should be inspected annually regardless of the amount of use in a calendar year. Even a unit that has not been used can gather dust and debris. The accumulation of those two things is one reason why there can be a burning smell when it is first turned on for the season. Professionals in Salem, OR, will clean the components of the unit as they inspect the pieces, which is a great way to take care of two tasks at once. At Loren’s Heating & Air, we also ensure that the area immediately surrounding the unit is clean.


During an annual inspection, after a professional cleans the components of the unit, he puts them back in their place. Next, he tests the unit to ensure it is operating properly. His goal is to spot leaks or fumes. He is also listening for odd sounds. Professionals are trying to leave the unit in good condition so that it does not fail during the season of use.


While a professional is inspecting, cleaning and testing the unit and its components, if he finds that anything needs to be replaced or repaired, he will advise you. Sometimes a simple repair will lengthen the life of a component or the unit as a whole. Other times it is a better idea to replace the component. A faulty part often makes the rest of the parts work harder. If the unit is working overtime, it is going to fail before it’s time.

An annual inspection for your furnace is similar to your yearly doctor’s visit. It simply ensures that everything is in good health and ready for the upcoming season of heavy use. For more information about inspections, contact Loren’s Heating in Salem, OR. We offer heating and cooling services.

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