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How To Reset Air Conditioning Unit

Your home air conditioning system is likely something that you don’t give much thought to while it’s working properly. However, when your air conditioning unit stops working, it can feel like the end of the world. Fortunately, knowing how to reset your air conditioning system can allow you to get back to enjoying your indoor comfort quickly.

Turn Your Thermostat Off

The first step in restarting your home air conditioning system is to turn your thermostat off. It’s very imperative that this is done first, as it will allow your system to reset internally. Following any of these steps out of order could result in a failure to get your centralized home air conditioning system back up and running effectively.

Turn the Breaker Off

Next, locate your home’s electrical panel box. This is usually found in the crawlspace, basement, garage, or even the laundry room. Locate the breaker that matches your home air conditioning system. Turn the breaker to the off position. Give it a full minute before flipping the breaker back to the on position.

Give It Time

Your next instinct is likely to go turn your thermostat back on. This would be a big mistake. Your centralized home air conditioning system needs time to reset internally. Once you flip the breaker for your air conditioning system back on, you’ll need to wait a full 30 minutes before turning your thermostat back on.

It’s important to note that your system may not kick back on right away. If it doesn’t, turn your thermostat down five degrees from where it was. This will be enough of a temperature change to trigger the thermostat to turn on the centralized air conditioning system. If it still doesn’t turn back on and you’ve followed this step-by-step guide correctly, it’s time to call in a professional for assistance with your system.

Trustworthy AC Repair

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