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How Does Ceiling Height Affect An AC System?

Air conditioners can do a great job of lowering the temperature in our homes. There are certain factors, such as ceiling height, that can determine how effective they are. It’s important to take ceiling height into consideration because a high ceiling can greatly increase the amount of air that an air conditioner has to cool. This can make the job of your AC considerably harder.

More Than Just Square Footage

When you’re having an AC system installed, whether it’s a mini-split or central AC system, you’ll need to figure out what size unit to get. The size of an AC is measured in BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Unit. Larger air volume requires larger air conditioners with greater BTUs. When figuring out what BTU you need, be sure to accommodate the extra volume a vaulted ceiling gives that isn’t measured by square footage.

You will likely need to size up if you have a ceiling that’s higher than average, and you may have to jump up a few sizes if you have a cathedral ceiling. If you don’t get a unit that can handle the volume of air in your home, it will have to work overtime. Even then, it may struggle. An undersized unit will wear down prematurely, leaving you with a bigger problem and an uncomfortably hot home.

Keep the Air Circulating

Particularly if you have a vaulted ceiling, hot air can get trapped. After all, hot air rises. In the winter, this can be a major issue. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can keep the air moving so that you don’t end up with a pocket of hot air at the top of your room. Fans with wider blades can do a better job of moving air than ones with narrow blades.

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