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How Do You Get Multi-Zone Heating And Cooling?

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If you own a central HVAC system, chances are that it heats and cools your home as if it were one zone. Single-zone heating and cooling, as it’s called, is the most common method that homeowners use, but there’s a way to achieve multi-zone heating and cooling.

Best With a Variable-Speed HVAC System

It does require a variable-speed system, something that can slow down and speed up depending on the size of the space its heating or cooling. A single-speed system will run too forcefully if you close off certain zones, leading to pressure build-up in the ducts and premature wear on the system’s motor.

You Will Need Thermostats and Dampers

If you own a variable-speed HVAC system, you’ll then install a central control panel that allows it to respond to the settings you set for each thermostat. Every zone you create gets its own thermostat. As for how to determine a zone, it can be intuitive: perhaps each level in a multi-level home can be a zone, or you can make certain spaces, like the kitchen and living room, into their own zone.

After that, you’ll need dampers installed in the supply vents leading to each zone. These plates or blades will open and shut depending on which zone you want to be heated or cooled at a given time.

You Could Opt for Mini-Splits

A mini-split is a ductless HVAC system that can heat or cool a single room. But one positive about these is that you can connect eight air handlers to a single compressor. This means eight temperature zones in your home. You get multi-zone heating and cooling without the hassle of ductwork.

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