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Air Conditioning And Air Pollution

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People use air conditioning in their homes, businesses, and other facilities to relieve the hot weather, especially during summer. Air conditioners emit gases and particles which circulate in the atmosphere. Some of these pollutants are identical to those that cause global warming. These greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and pollute the environment.

How Do Air Conditioners Contribute to Air Pollution?

Air conditioners may be making the world a more comfortable place to live and work, but they have side effects that we must all be aware of. Modern air conditioners use the same refrigerant called Freon, but it’s only necessary to change this refrigerant periodically. This gas can cause damage to the Earth’s protective ozone layer, so it’s no longer used in new AC units or refrigerators. More recent models are more efficient and feature filters that remove much of the dust and pollen from your indoor air before it cools. Protect yourself and your family by choosing an eco-friendly air conditioner. Air conditioning units also release other gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals can be hazardous to your health and the environment.

How to Reduce the Risk of Air Pollution

The impact of air pollution from air conditioners is widespread, but it can be reduced. The air we breathe is a precious resource, and you can help protect it by making small changes in your daily routine.

Check the filter regularly and replace it as needed. If you have a remote control for your air conditioner, you can set up reminders to change it at regular intervals. Avoid using recirculation mode when possible, to minimize circulation of outdoor air. Set up a programmable thermostat so that the temperature in your home is comfortable when you’re there and off when you leave for extended periods.

Ensure your windows are sealed correctly and that there aren’t any leaks around doors or vents that could let in polluted air from outside. Don’t block vents with furniture or other items so that the air circulates effectively and no strain is put on your system.

Check your filter regularly and replace it regularly, typically every three months. You can buy inexpensive replacement filters at most hardware stores.

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